Looking for Critique

Hey guys, could you look at my profile/content and tell me what I should work on? My username is @DADiiE .

A reason I ask is because my statistics have been kinda weird, the amount of loops is lower than the amount of likes. I would think loops should always be higher than likes but I could be wrong. I would put it under bug reports but I’m not completely sure if it is a bug as I don’t know how exactly loops are calculated (get one loop if it’s viewed from start to end or from the beginning, etc.) and it could be that my videos are too long. I don’t think it’s being done automatically by AI, the people liking seem like real people. Here are a couple of pics showing it (I blocked out names for some privacy).

Anyway, let me know what you think about my stuff and what I should change, if any, to make the statistics look less sus. Thanks for your time!

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Bots are gonna :robot:.

This actually ties into the whole algorithm and discoverability thing.

If you make looooong bytes and someone (or a bot) :heart: the post but swipes up after the first second, did you really get byte :heart: ?

The longer the video, the more likely the stats are gonna be strange. People are liking before finishing the video.

If you’ve done everything in your power to get to the point ASAP and keep the video snappy then there’s not much else you can do :man_shrugging:

actually one loops counts at 2 seconds in, but there is an update that just went out changing the stats to seconds watched instead of loops. so tbh I think this is a case of liking and not watching.

engagement sharks do be a thing tho

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