Looking for a great video editing app for iphone

Hey guys! I’m looking for a great video editing app that allows me to keep my video vertical and add music and whatever sounds I want . Like IMovie but able to keep it vertical! Free or not thank you guys ! #ByteFam


When I edited on my phone, I used viva video, Inshot, and flipagram. I hope that helps!


Thank you!

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Is there any that are totally free like iMovie but offer full 4k resolution export for free and allow you to add background music under the already existing audio of some ones voice? I checked out those 3 you said but each one misses out at least one of the things I’m looking for in the free versions.

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Aw man I thought those apps would have the 4k resolution export. There’s gotta be some app out there besides iMovie that has that! I’ll keep thinking for ya :call_me_hand:

I think they do but you have to pay for it I suppose I could just use iMovie on computer and then reupload the videos to my phone but that’s a lot more hassle than doing it strength on your phone thanks any way man

Enlight Videoleap is my favorite iMovie replacement. It has 4k support and audio / music import. However, you are limited to 3 layers without a subscription.


If you want to go full pro you can use Adobe Creative Cloud software.