Looking for a good Thumbnail editor!

I just started a youtube channel and I am looking for someone to edit my thumbnails :smiley:

I am uploading Apex Legends content and I am looking for someone who can make something, not to hard, like this:


Do you have it in you to make thumbnails like this? Let me know in the comments down below and so we can talk about it :smiley:

Think mine are alright, can help if you need


oh, i would go overboard

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i mean i could idk dm me a few screenshots

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i’ll try something just for practice

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58 34

Something catchy like this, idk how hard or simple it is to make something like this for you.
I would personally prefer the top row.


I have the Adobe suite, I could do something if u like

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Are you able to deliver images aswell?

I definitely could deliver images. DM me with more details about what you want. (I mightt not be the best choice because I do not know anything about Apex)