Looking for a Byte Collab

Don’t know if any new byters or OG byters are on, but, I’m interested for a collaboration with all of y’all. Last time I collaborated was with @danielhero500, and I’ve been wanting to get into the collab action. If anyone is interested and have any ideas (cuz I don’t for some reason), let me know at insta: nathandarkson984

Can’t wait to collaborate with new faces or the OGs lol


sup m8

ay lol

I got a collab idea :smirk:

Sure, what’s up? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmu if you want

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I’ll let ya know, me dood


Nathan you could have just Dmed me lol! You know a gaming creator would love to collab anytime here! :joy:

I should’ve lol

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I’d like to do a song cover collab when I reach a good number of followers, but idk which song I’d like to do (probably an ADtR song since I feel like I’ve found quite a few other fans of them here), and I also don’t know what would be a good follower count for that yet.

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A Day to Remember song? Hell to the fuck yes


I’m up for any funny sketch ideas mate.

I’m free to collab