Longer time limit

I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

I am guessing that loops and time played are still going to play a big part of whatever algorithm are in play.

So if you make a 32 second snoozer and it only gets 1 partial loop, how much will that hurt it’s discoverability?


IF the new system is based on loops and time played as you said, and not engagement (likes and comments), then having a 32 second snoozer would mean that video is dead in the water. With a system like that, it would likely have a time factor as well, meaning If a 32 second snoozer video didn’t perform well enough fast enough, it won’t get pushed, and thus will not have much reach whatsoever beyond your current following.


I don’t know why we’re still on about this, when Vine itself had the perfect solution (in the final months before shutdown)

In the feed, Vines would loop as normal. I think they were still the standard 6 seconds. For longer videos, this acted as the preview. If you wanted to see more, you would tap the video and it would play out in its entirety. As far as I remember it would still loop. I do not remember the max length.

Long videos were hidden behind 6-second looping previews. This system worked really well and it gave us Camp Unplug


I think they will add some later on

15 seconds is enough

Otherwise the app would most likely be more boring

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I imagine the Byte algorithm will take a page out of the YouTube algorithm. Videos that people watch all the way through will have more weight than those that people abandon after a few seconds of watching. That’s what will discourage people from making a 30-second video when they could have made something better in 18 seconds.

More video time will not make the app more boring, but it could make some people’s content more boring if not used wisely.