Long Loading or black screen

Hi for the last day or so byte has had some weird load times for me. Either the videos stop loading while still showing the spinning wheel or the page will blsck out. This has been happening even after I kill the app and come back. When it comes to the videos, it’ll either happen after I watch a few or right when I get on the app. There’s no real pattern to it.

Thank you!

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Have you tried going into the settings and clearing the apps cache? That’s the first thing you should definitely try because sometimes depending on your iPhone the memory will run into issues like that. Another thing I would recommend is try fixing Ur service. I hope that help though.

Hi yes my internet is working well right now and it still does. After I’ve cleared my cache.

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Okay yeah the thats something they will have to figure out because some Iphones do run into ram issues because even my newer one has done it befor. Also try closing out all of your opened apps running in the background in the task manager. that could be it too.