Logan Paul

Thoughts on Logan Paul

He’ll fade into obscurity, just like all those before him who shame themselves. He doesn’t deserve any recognition, and people that defend his inexcusable actions suffer the same fate. They deserve no seat at the table.


Absolutely disgusting

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We already have so many threads on Logan Paul we really don’t need another. It is obvious most of us think he is an idiot. Also don’t ask for someone’s opinion and then say that they are on drugs.

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Here’s one of many topics very similar to this one, please refrain from making duplicates :slight_smile:


Troll, me thinks. Otherwise he wouldn’t have said that. Report?

A normal person who had a big mistake, which is why all their viewers hate him

I don’t see where I broke any of the community guidelines. If you find where, could you please tell me. Id love to fix my mistake.

I like logan paul :smiley:

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Another thread on him, fantastic.

Cancer. He does a bunch of bad stuff to stay relevant. Jake has become obsolete thanks to this. Let’s support each other on v2 and make sure no one becomes like Logan.

he doesn’t seem like the worst person in the world but it’s so annoying that he still hasn’t learnt from his mistakes

Better than Jake Paul, Jake Paul mooched off Logan’s fame, which Logan worked hard for.