Logan paul situation

What is everyones option on this issue? Please be respectful

I think he shouldn’t be on YouTube for at least a month.

Because this isn’t the first time he does something like that, he’s a problematic and should learn to respect others.

He hit rock bottom this time, and we and any company should forgive him right away, no matter what.

Let him learn his lesson and reinvent himself.


I just don’t want to see the Paul brothers anymore. This situation aside, they’ve done a lot of dumb ish. They need to take a break from social media and spend some time to figure out how they could make better decisions.


Dom said we weren’t going to do this. Please refer to this: Regarding Artists & Creators

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It does say we could be critical though. We aren’t harassing him. It’s just a discussion.

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I think he’s incredibly disrespectful and I have no interest in watching him or his brother.

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Ya i did not think i was saying anything bad i even said be respectful

Logan Paul is a guy who use to post content on a daily bases so as a result he had to always have greater and greater content every day that made him do these kinds of stuff as a 22 year old boy ya he is a adult but maturity comes with experience not with age so he did the mistake that doesn’t mean he is a horrible person he is immature he is insensible so we as a society should stop bashing him and start teaching what is what how someone should be and we should give him SECOND CHANCE also for small mistakes ending his carrier is not an option its equal to ending his life…
THIS WAS MY OPNION so please dont diss me…

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Their fans keep yelling “give him/them a second chance” everytime they do something wrong. I mean, how many second chances can a person get? YouTube does not take accurate actions against the Paul’s since they are their golden boys, but is it worth it? Youtubers are getting a negative name, because of them. I saw more then enough videos where youtubers are discussing this.

Back on the suicide forrest video: it’s not our place to give forgiveness, it’s the suicide victim’s family. As long as they don’t forgive, how could others? And also, do people even think about people who have lost someone by suicide, or who have suicidal thoughts? I mean, I find it disgusting that he laughed, made jokes, etc… and people are still like: … but what did he do wrong?

Anyhow, I think Logan Paul should seek for forgiveness instead of just getting it. Go be a suicide prevention advocate or do something for mental health. Don’t just expect to be forgiven or to just get a second chance (again)

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they’re fine on discussing him in a calm and respectful manner.

corrected spelling in title


Thank you sorry bout that

Hey, refrain from talking about other artists.

Make sure you read the announcements before you post. Regarding Artists & Creators

They said it waa ok as long as it was respectful should i just delete it