Locking sounds

okay, so what if I made a byte with the noise in the background by me, and I only wanted myself to be able to use that, would we be able to lock it to only us being able to use it? i don’t really want people reusing the audio on my bytes, unless it’s like a comedy scene with talking, so you would be able to remake the video? also let us choose who gets to use it, like only people I follow, mutuals, etc tl;dr let us make our audio only available to us to use and other people you choose.


oh, wher? i haven’t seen that lmao

Where did they confirm it? I have seen people saying it but like where was it announced? :thinking:

Oops I spoke too soon. I thought I saw it but I can’t find proof right now. Yeah they really need sounds to be optionally locked.

I can see it being an easy way to bully others :pensive:

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