Lockdown review (UK only)

So the UK now has the highest deaths in Europe and not just that but we are so close to italia in cases that we’ll surpass them by Sunday. And yet they’re planning on easing the lockdown measures does that make any sense. Decision is coming today but I think it’s all bullshit.

How do cases go up so high when everyone’s at home like shit doesn’t make sense

(Anyone from UK tell me, do you really buy into what these politians are saying)

Not from the UK but it’s BS to reopen most countries rn. Politicians are flat out saying they are aware their actions are going to result in more deaths, but they don’t care. Economy>lives. Also sad bc I bet if the highest mortality were in younger and middle aged people they would care more. Literally the message is “the old ppl were gonna die soon anyway” which is heartless.


i don’t believe what the gov say at all lmao

also there’s been a lot of people who’s family/friends have died and they’ve been put down as it being from the virus, when it wasn’t. they didn’t even test positive for it.

basically people who die from other things are being put down as a covid death. lol. they do this to make the death rate seem a lot higher than it is.


Interesting. I know in the US death tolls are updated post death when there wasn’t an official covid diagnosis before they died because testing has been so so so horrible and minimal here. So they are counting deaths when the symptoms follow covid symptoms to try and get a more accurate toll. Though I’m sure not all the deaths they’re assuming are covid, unfortunately probably necessary to count them since we had and still have such shit testing. Honestly our numbers are still low even though we have a third of the world’s cases. We aren’t testing people with antibody tests to see if they’ve had it, coronavirus testing still isn’t widely available, and we’re opening back up. It’s a disaster

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And they’ve been paying our wages while our jobs have been shut then they have the audacity to say we are getting addicted to the wages scheme (basically calling us bums) when they are the ones who shut down my job


Yeah that’s insulting and false. So many have lost their jobs and still have to pay rent and bills and take care of themselves. Amazing how little empathy they have.

Cuz it’s fake news No ones- well ppl are dying but it’s from cancer and other things probably and from what shonzi said… death certificates are being “manipulated”


They need to ease the lockdown in some areas… like my area for example

Which has ZERO DEATHS!! Which is great but I’m like HOW?! And no one is telling me… and everyone seems to be well here… it’s soooo weird

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I’m in the UK and I’m classed as high risk, so is one of my children. I don’t trust official advice 100% as the government was too slow to respond. I took both children out of school before schools closed.

I know of a person who has died and of another person who’s on a ventilator, and of various people who had symptoms and recovered but weren’t allowed to be tested- this is not through long chains of friends of friends of friends. One friend is particularly ill but not allowed to be tested and not ill enough for hospital, just confirmed by the doctor that it’s the symptoms. They’ve been ill for weeks at varying levels.

I feel as though some of the advice is issued because there isn’t enough supplies for the nhs, let alone everyone else. Not all people will become seriously ill from it. For me it’s a case of the virus could kill me because of various health issues, and the medication that may be needed to treat it has a very high risk of killing me because of the nature of one of the faults with my heart.


I agree it’s made up numbers

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Once primary schools are opened which has been announced by Boris at the end of may the virus (if there even is one) could go up in numbers again or not

I’m from Italy.

Daily new cases here have been declining over the past two weeks. Here are some reasons I believe there are still people getting infected:

  • once a family member has the virus he/she spreads it to the other family members;
  • medical staff (doctors & nurses) are getting infected and thus can potentially infect more people;
  • some cases get added to the count later.

A study conducted by the Imperial College of London shows that there likely were as many as 5.8 million cases by March 28 in Italy alone (link) and another study conducted by an Italian newspaper concluded that the real death toll as of April 2 may have been twice as high compared to official figures (link). This is because many old people are dying either at home or in nursery homes, and thus are not included in the official tally.

They’re starting to ease the lockdown now. I think this is necessary because people are being laid off and many families are draining up their savings. But you have to be careful.


So in answer to the initial question: we’re not really in lockdown. Messaging has been deliberately confused so there is plausible deniability for responsibility when it comes to the death toll because the government needs people to keep going to work. Whether they acknowledge it or not, the Government I still pursuing a herd immunity strategy because that is the fastest way to get people back to work and keep the economy running. Because that is all they care about.


A good article on the topic: https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/oureconomy/dont-buy-the-lockdown-lie-this-is-a-government-of-business-as-usual/

Also, on a personal note: Fuck the Tories, Fuck England and Fuck the English. I hate this fucking country and frankly it can sink into the North Sea for all I care, rotten little rainy fascist island that it is.

P.S. I’m English born and bred before anyone wants to challenge that.


As much as the Tories are bad labour ain’t perfect either. Life’s gonna be very difficult after lockdown and Tories are gonna make us starve

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i hate england and the tories, i want independence from the far right bs god save the queen pathetic wretched state of a country, i wish france had colonised the world and not the english

What party even is a good party to vote for tho. There’s always someone higher up in control

I think France’s history of colonialism isn’t a whole lot better than Britain’s. Just ask… well, most of Africa, we both ruined that continent

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