Location feature for meetups

What do you guys think of a location feature for meeting people up locally to create content. I think there is a lot of people who create content that would love to collaborate with each other but have no idea who is in their area with the same interests.

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Hey, check out this topic :blush: Collaborations by location?


While I think it’s a great idea to have a resource where you could find other local artists, I’m also worried about privacy being abused. Just like when Snapchat released that similar feature, people were quick to turn it off.

There’s a similar thread talking about geotagging where videos were created:

Another thread was started about meetups to network with other creators in the area:

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@BratKneeD and @GSimeon1 thanks for the help!

If you are wondering why I’m closing this topic thread down, you should check out: Welcome to the v2 community forums


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