LNBB weekly hashtag this Friday night

Hey everyone!

I’m sure most of you are familiar but for those of you who are not, the Late Night Byte Brigade is a channel that hosts a weekly “competition”. We give you a hashtag topic, and you make a byte. I’ll be your host this week and look forward to seeing what you guys can make!

LNBB is my favorite weekly activity. It gives you a challenge and is one of the best ways to connect with other byters who are playing.

Having trouble finding new creators? Having trouble being found? Writers block? We give you the topic and the rest solves itself!

Can’t wait to see you guys Friday night 8pm EST start time and I hope to see some new faces along with the regulars!


Can’t wait :sparkles::top:

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It’s a fun way you’re right. Two time winner but I gave away my second time. It’s all about community.


How is it a competition? Who determined the winner?

The host decides the weekly winner and it is partially personal taste and partially entirely random. We focus on having fun and creating together


So when are you gonna give out the topic?

The topic always goes when we start, which will be 8pm est Friday night. I’ll give a little bit of a hint beforehand but we don’t start til 8. Just follow @lnbb and you’ll see it when it goes up!

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Is it @lnpp or @lnbb ?

Thanks for catching the error. LNBB is right.

Trivia: Vine used to do this weekly as well and it was LNPP. On byte it was remade to LNBB

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I’ve been seeing LNBB around for a while, and being irritated by it because I had no idea what it was supposed to mean. Is there any way users seeing #LNBB for the first time could instantly be directed to an explanation?

Now that I know what it is I’m really into it and immediately followed the channel, but I worry about how un-intuitive it is

ooo seems really interesting. I might want to join. How can we participate again?

I see what you mean. The profile page is kind of vague. But I think the reasoning is every week you see this new hashtag keep popping up and tagged to lnbb and when you check out the page you start to realize what’s happening there. It’s enticing.

You may be onto something but I don’t really have power on that front. I was just hosting

Follow LNBB and the host of the week will let you know what time they will start Friday or Saturday night and when you get the hashtag you can either watch the videos come in or make them


oo interesting, thanks for the info

Ima probably enter this week so get ready for that

If you click on the page, you’ll instantly be directed to an explanation in bio. Along with what LNBB stands for. :joy:

I’m happy you decided to follow and hopefully join in next week! :green_heart:


Yeah, the profile explains it well, I think I was confused when I saw the hashtags and I couldn’t figure out what it meant from the byte itself. Unless you see the profile (or like me read it in the forums) I think it can be hard to get

I’m happy you created it!


Thank you @imrdavis for creating it. The purpose, and correct me if I’m wrong, is

  1. Build community
  2. Test Byter skills by introducing a random tag and a limited time to do it.
  3. Allowing one host the power of tag, time and judgement, thus ensuring a good spread of opportunities or all participants.
  4. Not creating a overloaded or hard process into it.
  5. Having fun!

All people need do is contact old host about the hows and hints and better yet look at everything made so far to get an understanding. It’s young so it’s still easy.



How do hosts get chosen. Is it the previous weeks winner??

Usually. But it depends on if the winner wants to host or can’t for any reason etc.

Being host is a pretty big responsibility since you’re making the hashtag for the week