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Hi there everyone! I am going to try to make this short, but I am sure all of you have heard the news by now about V2. I am not the type of person to wait for opportunities to come to me. I do believe there is room for an app like V2 to do very well; however, considering the app has been postponed indefinitely, I will be posting on all other relevant socials. Most of you know me as Tomek, but everywhere else I go by Tommy Jack. When and if the app is ready to be launched, I will certainly participate in that realm. I am just very excited to begin creating and being a firm believer in, “practice makes perfect,” I will be honing my skills through those avenues. The community here has been absolutely amazing. And I really do hope some of you will keep in touch/reach out. I am looking for people with whom to collaborate on video ideas and other projects. Please do not hesitate to reach out!

Now for a shameless plug!

I can be found under @TommyKJack on Instagram, Snapchat, FB,, Twitter, YouTube, and YouNow.

Recently, I have been doing storytimes, Q&A, and other fun activities on YouNow so if you’re into that sort of thing definitely check me out.

I livestream myself most days on YouNow at 10AM EST.

This is obviously not the end and only the beginning. Everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences. See you all very soon!

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Tomek, V2 isn’t dead!! But good luck on younow!!!


Here here good chum

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