Live videos for byte creators

The ability to go live and interact with fans. Not sure if this has been brought up yet. You could say it’s similar to other social platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, but I think it would be A cool feature. Sort of like a little meetup with fans who can’t make in person meetups.


that would be awesome, i hope they consider this feature !

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Maybe there could be rules, can’t go live unless you have a certain amount of fans. Just to make it a little different from instagram and solely for creators. That rule could drive users to spread and grow their profile, in turn getting more use out of the app.


It probably has been brought up but glad that it’s being bring up in the forums that’s a really good idea to interact with people

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I definitely think going live on Byte would be a great idea. I think creators should be able to go live maybe for up to 6 minutes. That would be a cool feature.

6 minutes for livestreams and 6 seconds for bytes :wink:

Dom has said this is something they aren’t planning on. Even if they were it would be a while off given the size of the team and other features they want to work on. Byte live definitely isn’t needed either.

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