Live V*** Compilations?

So as you may know, I love making ideas about v2, in fact, v2 is the only thing I can think about right now! So I was thinking: What if there was a live news/ live videos page?
v2 users will be everywhere. Concerts, protests, awards shows, graduations, etc. If there was a location-based “live videos” (not necessarily live; more like viewable during the event) section you could see what v2 users are doing around the world.

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Hummm :thinking: not bad, but i think that with another social media you can do that

I like that

this would actually be really cool to see.

I like the idea as I like many others… but, I don’t think this things are necessary. And they’d only make the app heavier and slower.

V2 is for short incredible videos. Let’s keep it that way.

That’s like periscope