Live streaming

I’ve seen this topic discussed very frequently on the forums and I wanted to contribute what I thought would be a cool idea involving it.

So I thought there could be a similar functionality to how to access Instagram Live, by swiping right on the homescreen in the app and having there be an option to go live. And once you end the live, you can choose and post the best moment from it to your profile.

Drop your thoughts!


That’s a great idea because almost every social media platform has this layout

Similar to Live.Me?
Should V2 viners have the chance to go live?

I dont like the idea that V2 have the option of livestreaming


I don’t think it would be enjoyable. v2-ers should be known for their 6.5 second clips and not for their streaming. It would be copying other platforms, as well as providing something that I don’t consider would be fun for the vine community as a whole. But that’s just my opinion. v2 should be known for it’s clips and not for streaming.

Kinda ruins the brand of short form content. The whole idea is what great art can you fit in under 7 seconds. Why should we go against that if you can do it on other apps.

You said it best, other platforms have this layout. So why would we need it here?

Yes, Live Streaming is a great option for Social Media platforms, but Implementing that will mean… “Why not add other functions too?”

Eventually, V2 will become like every other social media platform.


If live streaming gets combined with some other unique features (that will make people say, this stream came out from V2), why not?

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To be honest, live-streaming has ruined the Instagram story experience. All that live-streaming results in is choppy audio and out of sync video due to most users being on a cellular network. If there was a way to only allow people with a certain bandwidth to use it, I wouldn’t see much of a problem with it.

Hmm nah. If somebody wants to go live they can use Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. V2 can’t do everything. It’s only purpose is to support 6.5-second videos and I believe that it shouldn’t do much more than that.

No, there’s plenty of other apps for people to live stream on. V2 would be best just sticking to the short videos and being known for that.

6 sec live?

I think live streaming is a great concept, and I agree it would be interesting, but I think v2 should focus on the 6 second videos that make it unique. I feel as though live streaming could possibly be a feature in v2 but if it were to be a part of v2 it should be slowly brought into it or not at all.

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Good idea! But I think it’s something that kinda takes away from the concept.

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6 sec lives?

I agree, everything must evolve over time or risk stagnancy, and if that means that v2 enables this live-streaming feature so be it. It has proven to work well for other forms of social media. Leave it up to the market strategists. In no way should this platform be limited prematurely.

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Some good points on both sides of the spectrum thanks for leaving your opinions