Live byte (im still working on the name dont judge me)

hey fellow byters, so… here me out… live byte… basically you can go live on byte just like on insta, tiktok, Facebook, and other big platforms, you can you go live with other byters, and recieve notifications on when your favourite byters are live, this will help people get know other byters and generally boost byte up for diversity!

Im thinking, for different type of features on live byte is questions, emotes and bytes on bytes.
questions function is kinda self explanatory, you can ask the host questions or interact with other people within the live. now the emotes is the cool part, i was thinking if we could introduce a new type of currency, called bits (for my computer science people, see what i did there because a bit is four… ok ill stop). a bit is a type of currency you get per post when you reach a certain amount of views and likes on your post, and through this you can use this send emotes from a low value to the highest value to the host of the live. now i here people asking… when the live stream ends, and you were the host, what do you do with those so called “bits”, well you are able to cash them out and get real money, IF byte is able to do such. and final utility is called bytes on bytes (haven’t finalised on the name, you will get it at the end) you (the host of the live) are able to react to bytes from other people which the byters from your livestream sends you, and this could work vice versa

thank you so much for reading this let me know if you think this is a solid idea which byte should input, or what change would you do with this idea @dom if you were able to read this YOUR A LEGEND and let me know if your able to do anything with idea. Peace


I tested the byte live feature and as much as people loved watching me make sandwiches and fail to make small talk, byte still would not push it to the live app. I don’t know if they will break on this one

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What when was that?

the fact that it actually WAS a feature and they didnt push it is dissapointing

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Oh god guys I am sorry I can’t lie to you. I did a bit about this and was staying in character.

My honest opinion of byte live is that while it would be an amazing feature for artists particularly to stream while they work, 99% of the requests for live streams are by kids for vanity. They just want to show their face and people to love it. “Just chatting” streams have value but… it’s mostly just grossly self centered.

Also, once you throw money on it people will use whatever influence they have to take money from kids. One cent from a kid with access to a card they aren’t supposed to have will be a failure of the feature. Money is evil, and will bring out the worst in people and worse yet it will bring bad people to byte to get a dime.

If you make this all about an in app currency gained by using the app then byte would need to aggressively monetize to fund it, and it would be manipulated and abused immediately. The worst people ruin the best ideas as soon as they can, and that has to be considered always.

Remove the money part entirely and you have a viable feature idea. Barebones live feature. But like I said, the real value of this product will be people streaming their content they bring us in bytes, but 99% of the costs to run and operate it are going to be to keep the bandwidth up so people can emptily stare at their phones.

I cannot see a winning deal for byte with this feature


well that in that case, we should definitely get @dom to see this and push this idea, becuase byte itself is an amazing idea, but what it needs is exposure, this is due to byte being overshadowed by tiktok, and even though it has “some” similarities with tiktok, one thing we need to make clear is TIKTOK IS NOT BYTE and BYTE IS NOT TIKTOK, and if they are able to push this byte will reach to higher heights than it already is… hope this works

I want to reiterate that I stated it was a good idea on paper, and listed 20 reasons why It absolutely is not something byte should have, maybe even ever. It will be expensive to manage (someone correct me if I’m wrong), and will lead to no increase in quality content people will stay on byte for.

Nothing on this app should be a higher priority than adding tools to the camera to help creators do what they do better.

Byte live should not be in the byte development roadmap in 2021 at all


okkk, I understand where your coming from, and I totally agree, there are a few key features that are missing, and a few that i dont know how to use at all! one feature that tempts to use tiktok edits is the voiceovers… i absolutely miss it, it would be a massive booster towards my content! but i totally suport your idea bee

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yes would love to see this

Someday maybe…

lemme just put this here



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so not only, other people had THE SAME idea, and it was an actual function in beta, and byte didn’t push it… smh

I mean I’m pretty sure he’s just jokingly talking about a byte he made back in September (could be wrong though) plus the only feature that didn’t make the cut from a beta tests that I remember is pages rip pages :sleepy:(I could be forgetting something though :ok_man:t2:)

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sad times…

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Live streaming embedded in these kinds of apps never made much sense. Other than special events, promos, etc, it tends to fall very flat.


Yesss I wish I could go live.