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Everyone saying “Yaaaa, tiktok is getting banned” is a complete an utter idiot. I’m so sorry that this app isn’t shining, I’m so sorry that this app yall wanted to be successful so bad isn’t doin as well as it should. We all want it to be successful , but not on the downfall of another app that someone spent time and money to make. Byte will never live up to Tiktok standards, and damn sure not vine. Byte Will only trend after the fall of tiktok. Let that sink in, no ones using the app because they don’t HAVE to. When everyone heard tiktok was getting banned like a month ago. They all came to byte (ONLY) because tiktok was “supposedly” getting banned. Just my opinion. Tiktok dying or being banned isn’t beneficial for this app. It’ll create a false sense of hope because 9 times outa 10 it will be back unlike Vine… and everyone will go back to that platform. So say it all you want just know… tiktok won’t be gone for long

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i think we know 🧍✌️





I’d cheer it’s demise because I think it’s a bad place. I think the way that it is designed, it’s algorithm, etc. is bad for people.

The attitude a lot of these users have when they come over to the app, is pretty crummy and I get it your ‘home’ is going away. But it’s the equivalent of walking into somebody’s house taking a big steaming dump on the floor and complaining about the smell.

I think it’s bad that a platform for expression is being banned because it hurt our fascist presidents feelings. For that reason alone actually, I think it should stick around.

But don’t get it twisted it’s not a very good place and a lot of the users that come over to the app are belligerent, combative, and abusive. I see a lot of these kids coming over telling people to kill themselves, that they’re ugly, that they hate it here, etc. and I think that’s partly because of the algorithm on TickTock and how it inorganically inflates users follows and likes and views.

I agree with you, in that I want byte to do well on its own merits because I think it’s a great place.


This is 100% how I feel. Being dependent on another app’s downfall isn’t a nice position to be in. What does that say about how appealing the app is on its own? :pensive:

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I had a guilty conscience and thought the exact same thing you said and I’m not gonna beat around the bush and say otherwise because bwjat you said is true we need to be good because we are good not get popular because a big competitor died and the sad reality is if tiktok ever does come back everyone will leave again it’s so sad

I’ve been thinking the same thing as you too

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Why does the gingers posts get deleted if they’re this negative but this dude is fine? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Ik some creators basically live out of tiktok but like, it’s the same app that cancelled their pride event after homophobes hacked the zoom, y’all are too attached


okay dude enjoy tiktok. we’re gonna hang out here