List of the Top 50 most viewed bytes as of May, 2020

Here is month 3, May 2nd data. There have been a few changed. Not too many. The numbers have been updated, and in cases of a tie I included the hundreds digit.

As always, please let me know if you find other videos over 150K loops not on this list. Thank you!

Views - User - URL - byte/rebyted - ranking - removal status.

(If it has a ★ it was once a rebyte from the byte account)
(If it has a ⓑ it was posted on the byte account)
(If it has a ⇧ it went up in ranking since last month)
(If it has a ⇩ it went down in ranking since last month)
(If it has a :x: the video as been deleted)

  1. 3,169,000 cem
  2. 2,609,000 ShawnWasabi
  3. 2,409,000 byyyyyet
  4. 1,704,000 messiahangurs
  5. 1,101,000 DamageLittle

  1. 1,093,000 Megabyte
  2. 1,011,000 JoshDarnit
  3. 1,009,000 byte
  4. 995,000 ife
  5. 973,000 Nina

  1. 967,000 charliewilson
  2. 940,000 Sheron_n
  3. 895,000 byte
  4. 746,000 byte/nik
  5. 746,000 charliewilson

  1. 669,000 jjjjjohn
  2. 588,000 byte
  3. 535,000 NaturalExample
  4. 506,000 Arlin
  5. 494,000 Gnarlykev

  1. 485,000 Shannele
  2. 483,000 byte
  3. 425,000 JackMurray
  4. 412,000 ThinkFact
  5. 403,000 MikeMulroy

  1. 388,000 leocookman
  2. 387,000 Chris
  3. 385,000 Nina
  4. 380,000 adamkindacool
  5. 372,000 bisnacksual

  1. 369,000 alley :x:
  2. 355,000 Chris
  3. 346,000 Chris
  4. 337,000 ShawnWasabi
  5. 321,000 itsnemanja

  1. 320,000 joshflitter
  2. 309,000 EvanHilton
  3. 304,000 zachking
  4. 287,700 ShawnWasabi
  5. 287,200 alexjakobz

  1. 281,000 senorpequenos
  2. 278,600 messiahangurs
  3. 278,100 RoosterMax
  4. 240,000 BigPants
  5. 238,000 karaoklee

  1. 218,000 dylan
  2. 216,800 charliewilson
  3. 216,400 Henryy
  4. 212,000 charliewilson
  5. 197,900 mauro


  1. 197,100 senorpequenos
  2. 196,000 chris
  3. 192,000 ShawnWasabi
  4. 191,000 ben

Thanks for the list! This might be stupid, but can we say that videos on Byte don’t go viral anymore? At least for now?

Checking all the videos here and they are all at least 3 months old. Would love to know the videos that performed the best in April, but that were posted in April. I don’t think this data is available, right?

Have a great day y’all :grinning:


That is the hard part, all of these were found manually by looking around. It would take people all looking together to find these videos for the month of April, unless the byte team would want to share the data themselves.


Oh got it!! Well you did a great job collecting all this data! Thanks :slight_smile:




Interesting. It looks like cem’s byte doesn’t loop perfectly anymore. Maybe as the team makes changes to the looping algorithm loops from the past will be broken. Medium sad.

I thought I was doing good when a few of my loops hit 2500 lol

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That /is/ doing good. Don’t be disappointed by comparing your numbers to these.


Yeah it’s impossible to top these numbers or even come remotely close rn

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You’re right. Thanks

Why tho? Less people on the platform now? Different algorithm? It goes back to my first comment here haha which it might be in some way ignorance from my part…but why are views/loops not even close to those numbers anymore? I don’t think I saw any NEW byte with more than 15k loops for a really long time now.

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I feel like there was “fresh byte hype” and we’re now in a lull. If byte is to survive, I picture it picking up in about the 6 month public point.

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Less engagement. Those loop counts are largely due to the huge spike of engagement when the app launched. It makes sense since the app is still in beta and updating. It’ll probably be a while before engagement gets that high again.


the unfortunate truth :confused:

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I thought byte was still in beta in January. Did I miss one of the boats?

By “in beta” I mean they’re still testing a lot of features and have a lot of beta testers. There’s a link somewhere to join

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