Links outside of Byte

This may have been discussed already, but I noticed you can’t seem to post links on Byte. Not sure if this is for security reasons. Posted a link to my full youtube video today, and unfortunately no one can simply click on it. I could also see this as being a great way to link directly to someone else byte.

Not a huge deal or rush, but figured I’d check to see peoples thoughts.


Definitely creates security problems for users. Could be unlocked with stars though. However, linking away from the app isn’t great for retaining audiences


I understand it from a security standpoint. As far as retention goes I feel there are a lot of creators who are making it relatively big on Byte and have the opportunity to help grow their other social channels because of it. Linking to their other platforms would only help them see Byte as a great medium and help maintain those users. They could also look into making links open in app. I think of the Facebook and Twitter apps, when you click on a link it opens it up within the app itself.

Again no big deal. Just would have been helpful in this case, but not always necessary.