Linking social media accounts

I think a cool idea to add would be a way for viewers to access your other social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) like a link for each type of major social media platform that they can press and take them to your page.


Yes, I agree.

Nowadays, social media platforms doesn’t really let us link our other social media in our profiles (because, it’s literally considered as “Advertising” a opponent.

V2 should be a role model (imo) and be different.


YouNow let’s you link multiple account and musically let’s you link YouTube and Instagram. Plus most people place their other socials in their profiles bio.

I am not talking about the “website link” part.

I don’t know about YouNow, but put those buttons there, so just to please their community.

Their community asked a option to link their other video sharing platforms on their accounts.

I like you idea.

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Maybe only the major social networks should be linked such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.
Also a link to your own website and email would be cool.

Yeah linking accounts should be a thing :+1:t2:

I think you will be able to, on just about every social media site on your profile you have a bio which you can you put links in.

I like that idea

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Like Youtube, right?

Yes they think that they are enemies, only YouTube thinks different

Yes or maybe just a limit to add, like three or four

I agree. Not too many options. :slight_smile:

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I think this would be a good idea as it would give more people options to connect with you if they do/don’t have another social media platform.

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It would be really good idea, if V2 made this change by letting link other social medias in our accounts, social media are about being connected anyway, son why shouldnt they let us do it. We are only expanding our personal advertising

The key is finding a way to make it where it doesn’t make the profile page of someone too busy. Maybe limit the number of social medias a person can link so they link their main profiles or the platforms where they have the largest audience. If we had an idea of what the profile pages in the current mock of the app looked like we could better have an idea of how these social links could be added. The best would be single button taps that take you directly into the corresponding app if you have it installed and to that person’s profile where you can follow them on that platform. This has actually been something I’d put some thought into, but someone beat me to the punch on creating a thread for it. Hopefully this feature is added would allow someone whos growing a following on v2 to quickly and easily move that following onto other platforms. And grow their following across all their platforms as they grow on v2.

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bumpin this

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Uhh yes I really like that idea

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I just wanted to bump this thread because of how important this is. I also just thought of this but this was already a thread so here you guys go