Link In Bio Question

So, I see that we (sneakily) got the ability to put our social media links in our bios, so first of all, THANK YOU! Byte team rocks the hardest!!!

What social media links are available?
(I see Instagram and Snapchat. Any others?)

How do you do it?
(I got lucky with Instagram by just putting in my username, but not sure how)

Thank you guys!

Again, love all the changes and (shameless plug for my application) I’m looking forward to any new Byte Beats that you might want to add :wink: Haha!

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I think Twitter works as well.

This is how I did mine and they work:

Twitter: alliscrazy

Instagram works with: [“ig”, “insta”, “instagram”]
Snapchat works with: [“sc”, “snap”, “snapchat”]
Twitch works with: [“twitch”]
Twitter works with: [“tw”, “twitter”]
TikTok works with: [“tt”, “tiktok”]

that is all of them so far (thanks to @dom for providing such information in a previous thread)!