Link and Audio Suggestions

One of my mutuals on Byte brought up a good idea and I told them them that I would post in on the forums so the Byte team could see this. They said that it would be really nice if we could include direct links in our bio’s as well as posts. They had a new song that they released recently, but couldn’t provide a link since Byte doesn’t allow it. They stated that allowing direct links would really incentivize artists to use the platform. Allowing direct links could also be useful not just for artists, but all content creators as well. :blush:

Another suggestion that I thought of was having audio filters that we could use to change our voices/ give more effects.

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I feel like this has been brought up — the link in bio & unsure about the audio effects.

(I found something similar, I’m pretty sure these features are on Byte team bucket list)

Link in bio:

More editing tools coming for videos:

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I’m glad that it’s in the works, hopefully we’ll be able to add links in our actual posts if we need to as well :slight_smile:

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