Lining up videos with Byte's interface

Yesterday I noticed how Byte’s UI moves around based on where you’re viewing a video from (categories VS going to someone’s profile).

For my most recent video, I tried to line everything up perfectly. I had the news ticker on the top lie just under the phone’s notification bar, while I had the “S&P 500 Index” part lie directly above the caption. This is what it looks like if you view it from my profile.

It came out pretty well and I was happy with it. But what I didn’t realize is that if you look at the video in the category you posted it to or on popular, the UI actually moves.

Just a neat observation I noticed. It’s not a big deal by any means. But what do you guys think? To do this I had to upload the video on an alt account a few times until I got everything just right. It would be a cool feature to be able to preview the video with the UI before you post it.


Great observation! I hadn’t noticed this. Might the type of phone display also impact this? Such as how an iphone 7+ has a different type of screen vs the Pro Max. Or Note 10 vs S10(for samsung android users). Or would the movement be uniform across devices?


I was wondering that too! Right now I only have my Galaxy S8 to look at it but I was wondering how it looks especially on iOS.


i currently have the 11 Pro Max (iPhone)
While i don’t think i have any videos with the amount of text you do. I will say that the text tends to shift slightly(not much to make a difference but) noticeably if you are actually paying attention to positioning.

On this screen for example where resizing and relocating is an option. It stretches content not recorded in the app however small it does tend to shift position ever so slightly.

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nice thread! it’s a bit tough because the videos are so tall so sometimes we have to put things on top of them in different places, as you’ve noticed. we’re working on text tools right now and for our implementation we restrict you to a “safe area” which is like the center 70%-ish of the video. we can create a guideline for this and put it up on our help center or something so it helps people who are using tools as well


Thanks! This is the first I’ve heard of text tools. That will be an exciting feature for those who don’t want to edit on their computer. I’m looking forward to it.


What then would be the actual dimensions of the video window?

Do you not have these features? @_Orange

Edit: A lapse in memory sorry. I forgot that that iOS and Android don’t update at the same time.


Yeah I have the top two options. Android doesn’t have floaties yet.


floaties are different anyway, those are objects you insert into the world (or above your face) during “camera time”. we’re also just adding the standard “add text to a video after the fact” thing


roughly this


Looks perfect. That will definitely keep text from overlapping with the UI.

I was more focused on how the caption and profile name move around. In this picture, I really like how the caption, the profile name and “S&P 500” are evenly spaced apart. It creates a nice aesthetic.

byte pic 1

But when you look at the video from its category, the caption and profile move lower, creating a gap where S&P 500 sits.

byte pic 2

I assume they’re raised in the first picture to leave space for the app nav bar.

And it’s still such a small thing that I’m probably the only person who noticed it for my own video.



I made a template in Premiere Pro that has these rough UI safe zones mapped out, because I used to run into this problem a lot too. To solve it, I just took a screenshot of the byte UI overlays and imported it into my Premiere Project, and then used it as an overlay to test where my graphics were at. I do the same thing for Tik Tok.


This picture raises another question for me. Should we just be exporting at 720p if it’s going to get compressed anyway? Saves everyone compute power if we match specs.

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Beautiful! I’m going to do that from now one. Thanks for the tip.

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Dom said in a previous post that the app encodes to 720p.

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