Limit Forum Users

I think Forum Users should be limited after awhile to minimize random post and off topic stuff.


Its not that bad, its was 10x more post some related, some not, so so many duplicate topics. Its just newbies being active and this is what comes with it. :sunglasses::ok_hand:

Yea not now but after awhile before team tiktok takes this over

No dude, that would be aweful.

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I’m not sure if the rates have changed (again), but new forum users do have limits until TL1 (Trust Level 1 - “Basic”). After that they’re free to post however much.

There are notifications everyone can get for consecutive replies to a topic that ask you to let others join the conversation, but once you’ve earned TL1+ you’re pretty much free to do whatever (within forum guidelines, and discourse fuctions)

Forum reference (trust levels): Temporary rate limit changes


It’s been a little hectic, but I dont think limiting them is necessary.

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