Lil Pump and his use of racial slurs in a recent song. (touchy topic)

Casual racism can be a deadly thing, even I admit to doing this a lot. Lil Pump is just ignorant of what he put in his song and we need to remember to that he is still very young, but he does need to know that putting in slurs without any good critical context is a bad idea. I’m glad he did apologize though. There’s also another controversy of him using the N Word but that is another coil to untangle that I won’t get into.

Remember: Some words are more powerful than others.



bottom line. he’s an asshole. i’m sick of people like this.


As a POC, I can say that I have never been attacked (racially), but every time I watch the news, I see a racially-provoked attacked. What has our world come to? The government really need to step up. Or better yet, us citizens should step up. Show our voices. Things like this can influence attacks on certain races. You don’t know how many times I’ve seen the N-word pop up on a teenage boy’s Instagram, followed by backlash in the comments.