Liking Comments❣️// Keeping HashTags#️⃣//Advantage Over TikTok😎//Open DMs 📥

It might not seem like a big deal, but people love to like the comments they see and think are funny or even relatable, I feel like that would be a good update on the app and we should KEEP THE HASHTAGS so ppl know whats trending and can keep up to date and we should also have DMs so other creators can talk in private about projects or collaboratios and since TikTok is having problems lol if you know you know, but we should take advantage of the time to make Byte a better app and its already getting the exposure it deserves now if no one noticed and alot of people are coming from TikTok to see what Byte is all about sooo :speaking_head:we gotta show’em how the Byte community stands :fist:t5::fist:t3:
Lol ik this topic is all over the place😅…Sorry.

Byte-@Kvngcari :sunglasses:


Agreed. A new update with notifications from people we follow and DM’s is what I’ve been asking for :sob: I have faith in Dom I REALLY hope he reads this



Sometimes the comments on a video are just as funny as the video they were typed under, and the best get pushed to the top of there is likable comments, another thing to make people laugh and love byte (:

Edit: I’ve been seeing a lot of the new people say on byte they wish they could like comments :eyes:


Yeah maybe if they don’t wanna add likes at least let the creator pin some comments or something

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