Likes, Hearts, Reactions, etc?

What will/should the action(s)/icon(s) be called for a video you find interesting or entertaining on v2 but don’t want to necessarily repost?

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I think it should just be Like/Reloop/Reactions/Favorite/Share

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What about stars? Stars would be cool! :star:️ Either a five-star system, or just having a star in place of a heart. Haven’t seen too many platforms use stars instead of hearts/likes/arrows.

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I know I won’t take the time to carefully look at a video and decide whether it’s 3/5 or 4/5. I’m just gonna be scrolling and tapping. Maybe two kinds of like could work.

Yeah, good point. But I still think just having stars for an aesthetic change to the usual format instead of an actual star rating system would be fun.

Hey, check out this thread to prevent repetition in the forums:


what about a like emoji (:+1:) ?