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I don’t really know how plausible this is but I feel like there should be a way for you to link v2 to other forms of social media, so that if you post something on there, it could be on however many linked accounts as you want (i.e. your post would also upload to Instagram, twitter, etc.) and whatever likes or favorites you get on those other social media platforms would also show up underneath your actual v2 post.


Hmm… This would be nice

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There’s a thread already kind of similar to the first portion of your post. However, I feel like the second portion of your post almost sounds like an analytics page. I feel like that would be mainly relevant for the Artist, and not necessarily their audience that they’re sharing their content with. Here is the thread I previously mentioned:


I like the idea of sharing to other platforms as well, kinda gives the simple feel

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Lol I was hoping to be the first to suggest that :sob: but yeah the second part would definitely help the creators get a better understanding of where there audience is coming from.
And on that note, there should maybe also be a way for users to track whether their traffic is coming from an outside link to see what’s working and what’s not.

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For sure. It would definitely help Artists maximize their potential to have new viewers engage with their V2 Content.

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this is interesting! i doubt it would work out in all honesty, but i really do think this could be great for the content creators.

I think the only way it could work is by posting your link and redirecting them to the V o vine or whatever.