“Like” or “Reaction”?

Actually FB is the only social media that has the reactions and I was wondering if V2 adds them, it would be better for us, in order to know if our content is what we expect or if we need to improve


That’s also a great idea!

Yes I agree it’s very hard to express how you feel about a post with only one button

A like would do just fine :slight_smile:

I like the just like system, it could get a little annoying having so many emojis on a V.I rather give that space to where the count of people who have seen the videos are going to be, and the likes and, shares and comments.

I like that idea i think is great because is very original

It would be good with reactions to help understand what the viewers want to see


Yes exactly!


Oooh boi I could already imagine a “cringe” button :joy:


I love the reactions!!! @dom should see about incorporating some type of reaction settings beside like and nope buttons

i like this idea… there should be some funny reactions besides the type that facebook uses! @dom, this is cool

Yes plleeeaassseee :joy: @dom