Like OMG! v2 #love

Hey everybody!

I’m FiveCardsKane, but you can call me Kane. Like everyone else here, I’m super excited about v2. Seriously, a gigantic void was created in my life when V*ne was absorbed by one of the monsters. I had a fairly successful (in my humble opinion, but not really) following. I’m rusty, I’m older, I’m probably not as funny, but dammit I can’t wait. The excitement around this app among my fellow artists is palpable. Ugh, why isn’t it here yet!?

That’s all I have to say. I’ll probably post more stuff in the Promote Yourself category, but for right now, v2 is all I’m thinking about, when I have the time, like right now, and probably in a little bit, but definitely right now.


Kane out.


I loveee how your enthusiasm shines through your post!! :sparkles: I’m SUPER excited just as you about V2! And I can’t wait to watch everyone’s new content, especially people from the forums. As well as to start sharing my own craft :grin:


I’ll be keeping an eye out for your art! Thanks for the support and enthusiasm, Sun.

Kane out.


You are not alone,we are all super excited :laughing: :blush: I can’t wait :blush:


You sound like such a happy person, glad that you’re a part of the community! Unfortunately, the forum is dying down a little but but I know things will go back to normal once the release date is approaching! There are still hundreds of people to interact with and a lot of topics and threads to talk to people on, see you around!


Thank you kindly.

“Only you can affect positive change” is my mantra. I could be sad, but my copious amounts of antidepressents won’t let me.


Kane out.


Alone is a state of mind. 6 out of 7 voices in my head assure me I’m never alone.

Kane out.

Welcome!!! Dont worry about age, it’s just a number :wink:

what’s up

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What up Cody? You good? I feel like you good…

Kane out