Like everything, but no follow

I notice sometimes that people will go through my account and like more than 6 of my posts consecutively and not follow… I’m just curious if this is something that happens to everyone or if I’m doing something wrong? I think its a way people want me to check out their channel, but then again I tend to over think things lol


Sometimes people want you to check their channel, sometimes it’s just that your posts probably just showed up on their mix and they liked them all but didn’t/forgot to follow.

This is why I think there should be a small follow button next to your profile picture. There are so many times I think I’m following someone when I never was following them.

Edit: Found the post What was the reason?


I’ve noticed if I like one video on the “my mix” page from a channel, it will show more of that creators content consecutively. Then, if the person wants to follow, they have to click off the “my mix” page onto your channel to follow. Some people will do that extra step, and others won’t because they wanna keep on scrolling through. Don’t get worried about the numbers, if they are liking your videos you’ve made their day brighter :blush:


Some people do go through channels and like the videos if they found something to like about it. However, sometimes you need to be a little more exceptional for them to actually follow you. In general, it’s them saying that your content is good but maybe not for them. Those that take genuine interest in what you put out will stick around


From what I’ve seen, when someone does that it usually is just for people to drive traffic to there own account

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I also wonder about this, but only when someone seems to like pretty much all of my content (up to a point in time) and not follow. If they don’t like some of my bytes, it doesn’t seem weird to me that they don’t follow. Why? Because I do the same

Sometimes you see a lot of videos in a profile and you like 6 or 7 of them… but also don’t like the same amount or more. Sometimes you don’t get the feeling that you will consistently like that person’s content, so you are ok with every now and then running across their page and checking the latest things. I personally follow someone when I like most of their content, but if it feels more like a 50/50 chance I’ll like their bytes, maybe I don’t follow


We talked a lot about this here.


Right when I first started I didn’t know I had to follow people. I just basically scrolled and people were already on my feed and I’m guessing those were bytes with a lot of likes or views. I remembered I liked and rebyted one dudes Valentine’s Day byte forever ago and never saw him ever again and forgot about him until I saw him on the partner program. Then I realized I never followed him to begin with and also he hasn’t made any content since the Valentine’s Day byte.


Personally, I just forget to follow. I get lost in peoples pages (cause I’ll go to a profile and watch and like a bunch of stuff then my mind clicks back to “oh wait we were doing something else”) and forget to follow. Sometime later they’ll pop up again and I’ll do the same thing forgetting that I’ve been there before and then it’s “oh wait…I’m not following them?”


I agree with the My Mix thing. It does show more videos of someone you liked. However… There are some people I swear I know I followed and then it doesn’t show up and I have to follow them again. It happened a handful of times last week or two, but not recently that I’ve noticed.