Like Error When Commenting

Whenever I comment on a post, after I’ve initially liked it, the like gets undone once I leave the Byte. It’s the oddest thing. Without fail, everytime I like a byte, comment, leave, then go back to respond to a reply on that same byte, the initial like is gone.

I have a samsung galaxy s7


I was about to do a post about this like NOW.

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What if, after you like and comment, you go to that person’s profile and look at the video there, is your like visible there?

For me not at all. I don’t even appear on the people that liked section

Oh, okay, then that’s likely a bug and not just a display problem.

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I have to side with Rice, that didn’t fix it for me either.

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definitely a bug! happening to me too :frowning:
i have to keep force closing and re opening

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Samsung S9 happens to me a lot! Sometimes get 6 bytes down and get thrown back up to the top, starting to spoil my enjoyment tbh
Have to work quiet hard to watch & like bytes.
Even if I rebyte the post my like has gone.
Reported numerous times


Me too. It happens on my s9 all the time


That’s what I have to do everytime as well. Same when I can’t refresh my updates either.

Mine isn’t that severe, but when I accidentally go to YMP then back to following, my placement in my following tab is forced back to the top, and that kills any scrolling I was doing to catch up for the day, too.

The likes disappearing makes it annoying to like and engage with anyone’s Bytes, because it doesn’t even save your initial interaction.

Makes me wonder how many more likes all our posts would be getting if this bug was fixed. :thinking: