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I don’t know if this would be pretty cool. But imagine seeing in your stats that doesn’t just say amount of loops on your page but as well amount of likes. I think that would be neat to see how many likes you’ve had on your page. What’s your thought?


Yes, I really want this. Here’s why:

Followers are a metric of how many people are following you (and possibly how popular you are)
But an all-time likes counter (similar to TikTok) tells you how well you’re doing (obviously the more likes you have, the “better” or more “well-received” your content is).

It gives you another metric to tell how you’re doing, as well as letting your audience/potential audience know. Especially since followers is not directly indicative of performance, whereas likes is. Someone could be following just 'cause you’re famous and are their favourite YouTuber.

Only problem is this is gameable with L4Ls, but to be honest, if/when this app blows up, L4L will be negligible in the face of the masses.


But what if one piece of content…like one byte goes viral and the rest are meh? How important is that metric? A cool metric will be one that you’ll have to sustain to prove your loyalty and consistency to the app…maybe one with a deadline. Kind of like how you to keep up with your reward points in bestbuy to get discounts stuff…I don’t know if that makes sense. If it doesn’t. It’s way past my bed time.


Very fair point, but I think viewers will quickly realise that :slight_smile:


U r right. U can tell their engagement rates relative to their likes to number of videos ratio - that’s the true measure of quality - u can have someone spend a lot time releasing one video per day from editing and u have another person to spit-firing 10 videos per day if not more.

Numbers likes, numbers of followers, and number of videos are always great metric to see engagements.


I’d eventually like to see that info but on a private page. Show me my average loops count, average likes, total likes, all that jazz. I just love seeing data, idk I’m weird. But I totally agree with this, but more on the private side than public. I think itd be cool to be able to chose what you want people to see. Your average? Total? Nothing? It’s up to you.


I’ve been thinking of the same thing Lol and I love the idea as well but little FYI I think this would better fit the ideas/feature request but idk I’ll let @ShonziTho decide :slightly_smiling_face:


yep, deffo fits in #idea better👌🏼 thanks!


I think they have a really specific reason for not including likes on the stats page. I don’t know what tho lol

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That’s really interesting and understandable, would love to know why though. Any chance you could chime in here @dom

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I think we just don’t track it. we could :slight_smile: it’s a good idea. I’ll check with the team to see if we can do it


Yay :upside_down_face: > :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for considering it - hopefully it aligns to your principles for this project.

along with this id also like to see how many bytes ive made!