Like app (making money)

most share and likes video get official create event and welcome creators to make videos in this event.and offer money like 300 dollar or 500 dollar to top 3 creators got most share and like.

I do not understand your question but I hope you get it answered. I will link you.

For anyone having trouble getting the gist of this post. It basically said. An official event (basically a contest) should be created where artists are invited to make videos. The Post with the most likes and shares would receive an award where prizes could be 300 dollars or 500 dollars would go to the artists that created the most liked and shared video. I can see how holding contest for creators could be very cool. However when only considering the most shares and likes as criteria for judgement, I think it takes away the opportunity for smaller artists to win a type of contest like that. Also I believe that this post would be better classified as Idea.

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I think this is a cool idea, but I don’t see the V2 team organizing something like this. Maybe a brand, for sponsorship? And they pic the best one? Or if it is based off of likes/shares, they could be in follower categories (0-1000 followers, 1001-5000 followers… and so forth)


I was only rewording what @hameemj was conveying. However, it would definitely be a unique way for artists to channel their creativity. It would be cool for a brand to promote a contest like that. If V2 was to have contest it could serve as an interesting way of bringing the community closer together. However, like you said V2 probably wouldn’t actively be making these hypothetical contests. I do like your tier idea if these contest were to happen. It would even the playing field and not leave people discouraged from participating.

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This would be a unique idea but if the “contest” is based off of likes and shares it wouldn’t be fair. Some creators will join V2 with a large audience to start off, while others will start from the bottom an build a new audience. I agree that a brand/sponsorship would be a good way to pick a winner for such contests.