Life Aint Fair, Dreams Are About Hard Work

Sometimes I think about this a lot. This isn’t so much a pessimistic post, but rather sometimes I think, how everyone is born with advantages or disadvantages over everybody, whether you’re born into wealth, short, etc. While society should push fairness, I can’t help but think sometimes we have to work with what the disadvantages we have and leverage what strengths we do have in ourselves. Another thing to add on is every decade a new app, website, (probably amazon alexa skills in the future) gets big. That means every decade you missed an opportunity over and over again. Make content now, put it on this forum, and repeat it every day, over and over again while we’re in the early days. Nuff said for now


When you ask this question, you can find the answer from youtube. You create better contents and nobody watch it, but bad creators create bad contents yet many people watch it. Is it fair?


Life definitely ain’t fair but I think that’s what makes it challenging and sometimes exciting. Not everyone was born into a rich family and have had an easy life. Most famous people struggled to get where they are today and it’s inspiring to regular, ordinary people. In a way, life may throw you a wrench at times, but it’s how you use it that’ll make a difference. Are you going to let that wrench get stuck in your gears or are you going to use that wrench to help you improve the situation that you’re in? Anyway, life is most certainly not always fair, but that’s what makes people push forward and try to succeed with whatever is thrown their way! If everything was fair, we wouldn’t move forward as a society and we would just get stuck in the same old habits. Seeing wrong doings and injustices by different individuals/groups of people help us, as a society, grow. Although life isn’t fair, I don’t think that should bring us down, but rather lift us up! :blush:


I once read “the fact that life is unfair to all makes it fair”


No it defintely isn’t. I remember making some videos, where all I did is complain, and it got tons of views, but make content with higher quality, then people just say forget about it. What else is new though?


Honestly, this is the most motivational response I’ve seen in awhile. I agree the challenge of becoming great is what makes people true successes.


Couldn’t agree more

Fairness and Meritocracy are great concepts BUT not our reality.
Achieving any type of success requires hard work… FACTS!


So true. Got to stay motivated and discplined no matter what

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this is sad but true :pensive:

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