Life after v2

So dom himself said there’s other apps and the app I’ve seen most people talk about is Oevo … so are you going to move onto oevo?

I also just made an account on there so follow me @ tortoiselourdes

(Edit// okay I’ve seen more people on here talk about how oevo isn’t really the best option so is there any recommendations?)


Nope, the creators seem unethical and the app is reported to be hot garbage. I’m still here for V2.


everyone i know that’s not in it for the money says they’re bad so i’m staying loyal to Dom and v2 as long as it takes. i’m a very patient person.


I’ve always posted my videos on Snapchat, Facebook stories, twitter… I just started a musically account which is fun… I just do normal videos… but there’s always other things…

1 Like will always have a spot in my heart

1 Like is cringe

1 Like

So I take it, we won’t be seeing you there

here What will you all be doing next

take a look @ this thread, vote what you’ll be doing next, follow each other on said platform.

The app is trash. Hell no.

This is probably how I’d rank alternatives that I considered:

  1. Youtube
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Snapchat
  5. Musically
  6. Facebook (FUCK Rick lax but it’s an option)
  7. Literally printing out funny pictures and leaving them places
  8. Nothing
  9. Oevo

Lmao I know I throw dags at oevo but it’s seriously a super sketchy app and I’m worried it might be kinda scammy.


It will always have a spot in my childhood :fist:t2: all that lipsyncing and tongue motions :clap:t2::joy: