Let's Talk

I have no class until the 22nd , but I still want to have a conversation with people before the forum launch tomorrow

So I just want to get to know you a bit better or what not haha

Right now I’m in my room watching Rick and Morty while I fix some bugs for my game lol
-Im also on instagram as well , What about you?


trying to make the details guide while on my phone in class

quite fun

Haha it must be since , it might be thrilling to do so while school is in session hhaha :joy:

Dude no spoiler alert but season 3 will have you :exploding_head:

I’m alex. Pretty sure that’s obvious from my name hhaha

Currently have the day off from work

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watching black mirror brb

Oh yeah I know ! It’s crazy ive watched RIck and Morty like 3x already haha

i got featured on the welcome page woop

How is it?

My friend has told me to watch it, but I don’t know what’s itt about cx

Amazing, each episode is random but has a clear meaning. I love it

I know man awesome congrats!

thank ya thank ya

Oh so its not the same thing every episode ? Nice!

You reached member status because of the thread you made I bet!

it’s different each episode

i got it yesterday haha

on a side note, the header is jacked up on mobile, it blocks multiple buttons

Might have to look it up !

I actually havent used it on my phone only been on my laptop lol

:0 where

image@welcome to the v2 community forums under additional sources