Let's talk! What's the weirdest thing about yourself? Or that you do?

Mine is that sometimes Like once every 1 or 2 months I start bleeding through my nose out of nowhere.
Sometimes people think someone hit me but nope, it just my weird body doing its thing.

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I have a birthmark near my belly button, on my thigh and under my boob

I can put both my feet behind my head lol. I also have a movement disorder which makes me flap my arms whenever I get excited or anxious

My Birthday is on Leap year that comes once in 4 years. (29.Feb.2000) I don’t know if its weird or Interesting lol.

Im a victim of the nose bleeding also! It really sucks when you’re sitting in class and blood starts coming out of nowhere. lmao

So many. I only have one on my shoulder.

OMG, So you’re kinda flexible right? I have seen some people do that.

To me it’s very interesting.

Just in my legs, I’m also real skinny too so that helps

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IKR. Sometimes people freak out and I’m like… calm down it’s nothing serious.

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LOL Imma drop ma birthday party once in 4 years? but i believe to lower down 1 day for my birthday like i can choose between 28 Feb and 1 March lmao.

HAhaha, I imagine people asking you about your birthday and them be like … WAIT WHAT?? There’s no Feb 29 this year.

Yeah lmao everytime people asks for my age like if teachers asks my classmates be like he is only 4 years old :rofl::rofl::joy::roll_eyes:

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people find it weird and interesting when i touch my nose with my tongue. They somehow find it impressive and i still dont know why. Guess its something not common to see. (pretty sure it is) I’ll claim that as a talent, maybe i’ll find a way to make money of it. lol

I have friends that can do that. I have tried many times but I can’t.

maybe people should start making tutorials on youtube about that “insane” “narly” party trick lol to help those who cant

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Just bumping

I have a birth mark that looks like Puerto Rico :joy::joy::joy:

Wait what? That’s pretty unlikely.

I’ve got heterochromia so I have a brown sliver in my right eye. It’s probably my favorite thing about my apperance.


(spoiler because eyes may be uncomfortable to look at something for people idk)