Lets talk how to bring the best and leave the worst of v*** to v2

I just thought that with such a great chance of having a completely new platform it would be stupid of us not to learn from the flaws that hindered vine but also celebrate what made it great.

reply with your ideas so we can make v2 as good as possible :smile:

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I think vine definitely had a problem when it came to illegal/inappropriate content at points and it’d take some time for that flagged content to go down, but that’s probably an admin issue? I’m actually shocked at the lack of comments! Pretty important topic if you ask me.


As @dom said on twitter, I think it’s important to keep in-app filters (like what musical.ly has) out of the app to keep the content original


Vine had a lot of problems with popular users using their fame to dehumanize other users and send fans after them; it definitely seems like @dom doesn’t want that stuff to happen on v2, but I think the new v2 community as a whole needs to be aware of how toxic vine could be and think about actions to prevent that from happening again cause it’s not entirely his responsibility. I think the forum is a great start to that.

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Oh lord I hope V2 doesn’t become a toxic place cuz I can easily see it becoming one tbh :persevere: