Lets Talk About The Last Game Of Thrones Episode

Wow I cant believe Bart Simpson won the game of thrones, isnt that crazy?

In all seriousness I read the first book and somehow i was right lmao


Season 8 rushed so much. :roll_eyes:I feel cheated. We put so much time and effort into developing characters and storylines just to botch the ending. The iron throne is a puddle of goop.
And a cripple “sits” on the throne now. :man_facepalming:Everything is all hunky dory in Westeros. #WorldPeace

But I blame myself…I shoulda read the books.


I called it too dude. Despite the haters and the naysayers we stuck with it and got it right.

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The show ended and we still don’t know what Podrick did to those women :eyes:

But jokes aside I didn’t see that ending coming

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