Let's talk about "Ploy"

Ploy is a Swedish non-official “follow up to Vine” as you may know. The whole situation is off. Aside from both names looking similar (4 letters each, 1 syllable green background, etc), their twitter looks very odd as well:

Re-uploading old Vines:

Their webpage seems to be quickly put together also. With @dom’s original “V2” picture being used as the background. The creation date of their twitter is (coincidentally?) December 2017. Now, not only is it entirely possible that this is a group/individual that is trying to take advantage of the hype and promise of v2. If it continues to gain popularity and is released before v2, it’s going to be bad.

And also, is it really a coincidence that the definition of the word “ploy” is:


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What kind of buffoonery? I mean it really is so well put together honestly and it never got my attention but there should be actions against them for copyright shouldn’t it?

Depends on whether or not “v2” has been copyrighted or not. It means that v2 should be released before “Ploy” gains enough popularity to be considered a competitor.

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Can we just stop giving them attention ? Just stop talking about them.

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agreed. its embarassing.

I don’t think there is anything to do here legally, except twitter might be able to attack them if they re-upload old vines as their marketing projects. It’s just a bunch of people capitalizing on the hype for v2. But if V2 is a better app then we have nothing to worry about :ok_hand: In a sense v2 can’t even say they are a successor to vine since twitter has those rights too. There can be other apps with the same formula, it’s just funny how people are working on an unofficial sequel now that the V2 hype is real instead of when vine died lol .

Does this have any traction at all? Like I said before about a similar app,

I just love how their name is literally a cunning plan

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We are honestly giving it to much attention

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Just try to let people know if they ask you that it’s not legitimate. Point to the thread. We’ll do more work on this if it ends up being a real problem.


At least you tweeted out that there aren’t any other legit accounts, should prevent some people from falling for mock accounts

There is no need to give them more attention, just refer to what Dom recently posted.