Lets talk about pet peeves!

One of mine is eating in a voice chat and not muting the microphone. The mute button is right there! cmon man!!
Try and stay positive btw, don’t target specific people in this discussion. By that, I mean something like “There’s this person in (insert place) who ALWAYS (insert action)”. You can discuss pet peeves without focusing on one specific person.
Also, make sure to follow the guidelines (of course)!


Oh man I hate when people talk in a vc while eating. I would never do that in my life :eyes:


My pet peeve is when I’m complaining to a friend about my problems/daily struggles/etc., and they always feel the urge to come up with solutions as if I didn’t already have any. Most of the time, I’m complaining just to complain, just say, “Yeah, that sucks.” Complaining doesn’t mean I don’t already know the solution to my problem >:[


I have NEVER gotten in my bed with out wiping my feet off. People who can get in without wiping their feet off are insane to me lol


People who constantly cut you off when talking.


Not using turn signals its more than a pet peeve ITS DANGEROUS


I have a super random one lol I crumpled up in a ball and cringe anytime anyone address someone as “bro” :joy: max cringe is when someone calls me “bro” :rofl:


People who always have their phone volume at 100% no matter what.

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My biggest pet peeve has to be chewing with your mouth open. I love mukbangs and asmr but open mouth chewing puts me off sooooo badly.

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Dude, I will rave on about this for days! I fucking HATE Sporks, my guy. Why do they exist? They can’t pick shit up cause their fingers are too short, and can’t hold any soup cause it just spills off the front end! They SUCC, bro :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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