Let's support one another on YouTube

Hello~ I just created my YouTube channel and have uploaded my very first video. My channel will consist of storytelling animations,if you’re interested,please feel free to check it out here : https://youtu.be/azYcKsifjj4

We can subscribe to one another too. I primarily watch “Top 10’s”, Horror, reviews and storytelling animations. If you post that kind of content,that’s a bonus :blush:


I will support you. Mine is www.youtube.com/christheprophet


my channel here

:youtube: https://www.youtube.com/reallyahmed

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Nice, I love the animations


https://www.youtube.com/TatyanaKovtun :slight_smile:


check me out yo !

Here is mine: https://youtube.com/karim2k

I just love watching animations, especially of the storytelling type, and your channel is definitely off to a great start! You seem to have the same interests as me, especially the napping part. :stuck_out_tongue: My channel is nothing like yours; I normally make comedy skits with Mario plushies. I also made Nintendo gameplay videos and variations of movie studio logos. I’ve been on YouTube for almost five years now! Good luck with your videos! I will definitely try to support you as much as I can! :blush:

Here’s my channel, in case you wanted to take a looksie.

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I really appreciate your support, I was wondering if we could continue contact. Do you have a Twitter by any chance? :blush:

Of course I have a Twitter! :smile: https://twitter.com/SuperYoshr

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This is my latest video! Im reqlly improving i think! Lmk what you think!

here’s mine
Youtube: Motion Ghost