Let's start training & posting stuff on a # so we can find eachothers!

I mean the app is cool but we can post elsewhere while it’s developing so that when it launch we have a backlog of stuff & we’re already making stuff.
I think we’re all tired of waiting, the app is not going to make the content so you better be ready when it drops!
And we can help eachothers and stuff if we actually have something to find eachothers with so like a tag & a account retweeting the best stuff might be the best way!
I feel like we can pretty easily make that!
Is this a good idea ? Any of you wanna help?
I’ve already started posting some stuff on my instagram it’s wilmauyeah!
You can post your @ below I’ll follow if you make short comedy videos!

I propose the tag #BeforeByte or #BefByte or something like that I don’t know


that’s actually a good idea, i started posting on instagram loooooooong ago but i’m slowing down now, just incase i run out of all the good ideas


This post is hurting my head :joy:



great idea

Cool. I’d love to check some of your stuff out. Whats your instagram and twitter?