Let's Speak Up and Listen, RESPECTFULLY

I am sure most of us are aware of what is going on in the United States, and it is time for us to speak up against prejudice and social injustice. However, it is very important for us not to navigate our passion into negative and unproductive consequences, calling someone’s name out, attacking certain organizations, and dividing people based on their beliefs.

This forum is a community full of different people from different backgrounds, so let’s keep it civil and respectful. Say what you want to say, but just remind yourself that there are people with different opinions, so we should respect them. Don’t curse at one another, don’t call each other out, and don’t make the conversation toxic.

We are a Byte community, and I support Dom’s decision to keep the app censor-free on this issue. And it is our job to use the app to speak up and stand together RESPECTFULLY.


I will not respect those who do not support the movement currently underway in the US. I will not respect those who demand black American’s time, and whine about the riots as if they aren’t a sociological response to being systemically oppressed. No.


If the organization is part of the system which impacts a community and perpetuates suffering, it deserves to be called out, critiqued and considered.
This is not being rude or mean, this is trying to do better.


And that’s that


byte choosing to not censor us might have made me fall in love with dom. do y’all think that would remain the same if we get as big as other apps ? like no matter how big the app gets do you think we’ll always be able yo voice our thoughts without being censored? i hope so but i know it probably sounds easier than it really is


No tbh even if we got as big as tik tok I still think Dom would do eveything in his power to let peoples voices be heard. Byte is a company run on Human decency Tik Tok is just run by cold robots who could care less about your feelings.


Thank You

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