Let's Play Desert Island!

You’re escaping to a deserted island to escape the highly intelligent apes that have taken over the world, it’s only a matter of time until they figure out how to fly, so what items are you taking with you to spend your days on the island?

  • 3 Books you would take
  • 3 movies you would take
  • 1 food you have to eat for the rest of your life
  • 1 beverage you have to drink for the rest of your life

Books: Fahrenheit 451, T.H.U.G and All the Light we cannot see.
Movies: Interstellar (For sure), Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and War of the Worlds (with Tom Cruise ofc)
Food: Rice, if I had to be specific, yellow rice with corn, stuff never gets old :joy:
Drink: Water so I don’t die from dehydration

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Books: Trilogy of the Hunger Games
Movies: Cast Away,World War Z and War for the Planet of the Apes
Food: Fish,Because it has the most essential nutrients to live
Drink: Water or a Multivitamin complex

Books: The Book of Strange New Things, Star wars: Bloodline, and The Man in The High Castle.

Movies: Interstellar!! The Martian, and honestly any Star Wars.

Food: any Queso sauce from any mexican resturant. With chips of course

Drink: WATER.

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Why not just hunt for the fish around you? :joy:

Nice movie choices! :smiley:

Thanks! Interstellar is my absolute favourite movie!


Good answer hahahahaha

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Books: Harry potter and the philosophers stone, A guide on how to defeat flying apes, and The Bible

Movies: Harry potter and the philosophers stone, Insidious, and War of the Planet of the Apes

Food: Bannanas (for the apes)

Beverage: Water

One to learn about the past, the other for the future :joy:

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Books The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, The Children of Húrin (Big Tolkien fan)
Movies The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Food Cheesy Pasta
Drink Water


I’ve personally never read the LOTR books, I might one day :slight_smile:

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They really are amazing, I don’t usually get into books but they are something else, I get lost in them


Yesssss very true :joy::joy::joy:

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Books: The last three Harry Potter Books

Movies: The Labyrinth, Princess Bride, and A New Hope

Food: A nice steak dinner (w/mashed potatoes. I’m really doing it for the potatoes.)

Drink: Water, I don’t wanna die XD


Are you talkin Fellowship, Return, or Two Towers? I don’t think you can take all three AND the Salmonilian and Huion Tablet :laughing:

Books: None of the above, sight unseen, diary of annfrank
Movies: Flipped, My sisters keeper, insideout
Food: Cinnamon bun bars(Its a inside joke :joy: lol)


Book: I believe there is only one book we all need and thats “How to Survive on a Deserted Island” Found Here
Movies: Mean Girls, Jaws, Without a paddle
Food: Chips and Salsa
Drink: Well I am supplying the food, so you guys can BYOB and we can make this a party on my island :laughing:

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BOOKS: Le Petit Prince, Divine Comedy and Inferno.
MOVIES: COCO, Monsters University, Maze Runner.
FOOD: WAFFLES of course.
DRINK: Water :sweat_drops:

Ps; Fahrenheit 451 is a cool book, I had to read it for uni and I like it a lot.

I was hoping nobody noticed haha, u can actually buy versions of it with all 3 in one book :wink:

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Ahhhhh, good loophole :slight_smile: that works then XD

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