Let's play a game about our moms

Use typical sentences or things that your mother says/does all the time. I’ll start:
Me: is scrolling through Instagram
My mom: who’s that? Is that a friend? A classmate?

Me: smokes weed
My mom: lmao pass it already

I love my mom


“You all need to step up around here”, she says as she fluffs the pillows.

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That sounds like my mom a lot, lol! “I’m the only one who does something in this house. When I die you’re all going to value me more!” xD

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So true! Anyway, all 3 of my siblings are lazy. And my mother literally just told me to vacuum… The others are play-fighting and I’m doing my work. I can never win.

Here’s another one: “I’m not your servant… Now make me a cup of tea”.

(The irony oml)

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me: shows my mom a random ig video
mom: who is that?


Me: says something about a guy friend one time
My mom: ohhh does he like you? Is he SiNgLe At ThE mOmEnT?

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I avoid talking about my male friends because my parents will think we’re hooking up… They’re gross, no thanks :joy: