Let's Make V*** what it wasnt!

Hey Vine family!

I’m super excited about Vine’s comeback but please lets not make it what it was before.

*DONT BE A HOG, SHARE THE LOVE! You get what you give.

  • IF YOU GENERALLY LIKE OTHER CREATORS POSTS, REVINE. (No doubt you’ll be a celebrity but nobody likes a selfish celebrity)

*MAKE FRIENDS AND COLLABORATE (You reach a bigger audience that way)

*DONT JUST COLLABORATE WITH PEOPLE IN YOUR NICHE ( Go outside the box and find a way to apply yourself)

*DON’T BE A HATER. (Being rude as hell gets you nowhere except being flagged all up and down Vine Street)

Alright, cool. That was my 2 cents. If you wanna collab, let me know! I love working with new people!
Here are my links so you can check me out!


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I dig the positivity energy. I’m reaching out because your topic is very similar to several other pre-existing topics. It’s always best to search topics before creating new ones. All good though. You may want to read the announcement topics to get a better understanding of how the v2 forums work. Welcome to the v2 community forums , About the name , Beta, Release Date, Usernames and Regarding Artists & Creators. Lastly, if you are looking to introduce yourself you can say hi under the topic: Say hello! and if you want to share your social accounts, feel free to share them here: Whats everyones social media. There are a slew of other topics that I’m sure you can add to, just be sure to search and I’m sure you will find. Thanks for understanding. :grin::hibanana: