Lets make a byte family

hi everyone so can we create a byte family im gen z so i can be one of the children and someone be my mother and father and aunt and uncle and cousin and grandma and grandpa so we can all be family thanks

(our last names have to be Byte or Chomper)


I can do older sister but I refuse to do any more than that for your own good I’m not ready to be a good mom

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ok u can be my older sister

Done. Now if I see you grab any of my clothes I’ll yell at you but other than that we’re cool


Slightly off hippie aunt reporting for duty


The brother of the aunt that’s super funny and kinda lazy

The emo teenager that gets along with everyone, listens to ADTR, and sometimes act crazy


youngest child :eye::lips::eye:

The artsy new age hippie teen thats queer as hell and depressed

I’ll be the drunk aunt who’s single and fun to watch

i wanna be the mom or the dad or i can be the family dog

The only child in BC’s Capital city

can i be the baby? :pleading_face: